Friday, May 8, 2009

"Tot School" Tray Time

One of the things we are trying to do with "M" in her Tot School is the Montessori concept of trays. We don't have a bookcase to put them in, so we lined the six trays up on our fireplace hearth. "M" was free to pick a tray she wished to work on and take it to her table. We encouraged her to return it when she was done. The trays for this week included (from left to right): Grow Me bee (grows in water and shrinks when dry), pasta transferring activity (one of her favorites), dot painters and butterfly-shaped paper, her yellow objects bag, a puzzle and Mr. Potato Head. Surprisingly to me, the puzzle and Mr. Potato Head are the two things she hasn't chosen to play with.

"J" was wonderful about helping her move her trays back and forth if she couldn't carry them, and explaining the activities to her.

You can check out the Tot School site to see what other people are doing in their Tot School.


  1. I LOVE your choices of activities! How nice that she can independently choose. So important!

  2. That is great that she knows to take it to her table. I was wondering though do you leave them there all week. My little one would have them strung all about the house, lol!

  3. We did leave them there all week, and she learned very quickly to play with them at her table and move them back. It took about a day of gentle reminders and she's been great about them since. (I did take away the dot painters when she was done with the butterflies, just to be safe!).

  4. The trays I actually at Oriental Trading Company, very inexpensive.


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