Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tot School for May 24-30

We have had a busy week at Tot School this week! We started out going to the Children's Museum, and ended with a girls' night (T & J were camping with the cubscouts.)

Even though I didn't plan it that way, a lot of our activities this week focused on colors. Our trays this week included: color matching game (match two halves of a printed crayon) which I printed from here, putting flower stickers on paper, stringing, transferring pompoms with tongs, gluing a flower garden, and sorting colored bears. We also spent time playing with our color bottles and doing a matching game with craft sticks. (I painted pairs of them in colors, and M matches the pairs of sticks up.)
Gluing Tray: (The one on the right I did as the example, the other 2 M did.)
Sorting 4 colors of bears into tins. I put matching colored circles in the bottom so she knew where to sort.

Transferring pom-poms from one basket to another using her tongs.

Color Bottles:
Our craft project this week was painting with bubble wrap.
We introduced a few new Montessori ideas this week: the rice sensory bowl (now moved to a box with a lid), open and close items, and walking the line (this works on balance). All three went over very well, and were done every day at M's request. We colored the rice rainbow colors and added some of her counting bears to make it more interesting, and M used a spoon and one of her mini pails to scoop and pour. The open and close activities included an Easter egg, jewelry box, zippered change purse, and hairclip.

I got M a new counting book this week that we worked on. It is a foam book, and each page has two shapes that you lift out. M loves getting them out of the book. They are a little difficult to put back as they have to be lined up just right and are a tight fit, but I was very proud of her concentration and perseverance on this project.
We did a lot of free play including playing outside every day, building with our Winnie the Pooh lego set, playing with playdough, and coloring. I had a large number of boxes in the recycling bin left over from a Costco trip, and M spent one afternoon happily playing with them.
That was our week at Tot School! Don't forget to check out what others are doing in their Tot School .


  1. Wow, great documentation of your week! I love the walking the line idea--so simple but something I'm sure my dd will love. :)

  2. I need to bring the "walk the line" activity back out for RockerTot. He loved it the one time we did it. I love the colored rice as well. She is so adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HA! I agree with PP's the walking the line was a great idea!


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