Friday, May 22, 2009

Pet Rocks

J was tasked with choosing a product, creating it, marketing it and selling it at an upcoming kids craft fair as part of an economics lesson. He choose to do Pet Rocks. We set up a budget, he took a "loan" from us to purchase supplies, (rocks were supplied by grandma - thanks mom!) and he created the product.

He has snakes, bears, and turtles which will sell for 25 cents; cats, dogs, and frogs which will go for 50 cents; and one-of-a-kind (only made one of each) fish, mouse, bird and dinosaur which will sell for 75 cents. Any profits will go to a local charity of his choosing; which I think is the local food pantry. He is making his advertising posters now, and I'll post an update after his sale next week! (One of the pictures is sideways, but no matter how I load it blogger flips it, so just tilt your head and enjoy!)

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