Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fishies and Flowers

There have been two things in our house that are keeping J and M occupied this week. The first is what M calls "Fishies". J had a beta fish in a 5-gallon aquarium that did not survive the move from Seattle, and we just hadn't gotten around to getting new ones yet. So this week I finally got the aquarium set up and we went to buy "fishies". We got simple golfish (we rescued a few feeder fish to a better life) and the kids have had endless fun watching them swim around their tank!

For Mother's Day, T and J bought me flowers. One of those flowers was a perfect white carnation. This reminded of a fun experiment from when I was a kid (thanks mom!). We filled a vase with water and blue food coloring and watched the flower slowly change colors over several days. It started with a blue veining on the petal edges and worked it's way to a pretty dark blue shade. This is a great, easy science project. (It is a lot bluer than this picture shows.)

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