Monday, May 25, 2009

Children's Museum & Spying

Yesterday, we took the kids to the Museum of Nature & Science. J really enjoyed their new "Spying" exhibit, and M enjoyed the Children's Museum. Her favorites were the water room (of course) and the farm. We ended the day at the Dinosaur room digging for fossils (J loved this, but M screamed to be taken out of the "messy" sand.)

One of J's favorite parts was a Chemistry presenation involving density. The presenter took a can of Diet Coke and can of regular Coke and asked the kids if they would both sink in a tub of water, or both float. The kids decided that since they were the same size, shape and the same weight to them they would float. The Diet Coke can floats, but the regular Coke can sinks. The difference is the 37grams of sugar in the Coke can make it denser, so heavier. J loved this experiment, and I have a feeling we will be repeating it at home sometime soon.

Here are a few photos of the day.

Water room:

Spying Exhibit:

Safe cracking in disguise:
Dropping balls through the floor of the farm room. M loved this, and T will be making her a small box version of this for home very soon!

Learning about heat and energy:

That was our Sunday!

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