Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Week of New Things

This week has been gorgeous, so "M" and I have spent a lot of time at the park or taking nature walks. When we are inside, one of the things "M" loves most is music. This week, we introduced some rhythm sticks and jingle bells that we bought at a Montessori supply store. Along with the Easter Egg shakers, "M", "J" and Daddy enjoyed playing their own band!

We also tried sorting trays for the first time with "M" this week. She loved using the mini ladel and trying the tongs, although the chopsticks were too much for her. She really didn't get into sorting by color like I tried to show her, mainly just moving the beans from one bin to another in the sorting tray. Still, she played with it for over 15 minutes!

My plan is to make some color bags for "M" to work on. I have green and purple done, and am still working on the others. The bags are just felt sewn over into mini bags, with items of the matching color inside. She likes seeing all the colors together, and green is a color she already recognizes fairly well. The items inside are just things we collected from around the house.

We also tried nibble trays this week. "M" is not a picky eater, but she is not a big eater either. Dr. Sears recommends a nibble tray to offer healthy options to snack on throughout the day. He recommends using an icecube tray, but I saw on several other blogs where moms were using muffin tins instead. We've been trying this out, with great success. "M" has eaten twice what she usually does every day we've offered it. Now I just need to work on creative things to fill it with (it's been the same most days - grapes, cantaloups, cheese circles, crackers, and cereal.) If you have a picky eater, I recommend giving this idea a try!

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