Sunday, April 26, 2009

New "Tot School" Fun

"M" has been sick the last few days and so hasn't been into doing much of anything except cuddling and reading. Earlier this week, however, she was very busy. She and Daddy have been working hard on her newest wooden puzzle. It's nine pieces and forms Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. "M" loves Abby and so will sit patiently trying the puzzle with anyone who will help her, just so she can see her.

We also tried a sensory activity today. This was one I saw on another blog, and just adapted to materials we already had at home. I used an empty oatmeal container and a few straws that were left over from takeout (washed of course!). We punched a few holes into the oatmeal container lid, and then cut the straws into 3" pieces. "M" then has to push the straws through the holes into the container. When they are all gone, we empty it out and start over. For such a simple task, she really loves it and worked on it over and over tonight. We'll see if it is still as fun when she is feeling better and more active!

Finally, "M" made a tissue paper collage. This started when I was using a gluestick to attach paper to the front of a folder for "J" for school. "M" wanted to try the glue stick herself. (We have only tried this once before with limited success as she kept trying to put it on like chapstick.) I pulled out a scrap piece of paper and some pre-cut tissue paper squares I had ready in the preschool activity bags I had made. We tried the blue glue stick this time, both so "M" could see it on the paper and so it looked less like chapstick. She loved glueing on the paper. At first she put them on randomly, but eventually she wanted to fill in the holes and eventually her whole paper was colored. "M" was so sad to see the end of this project, we will definitely be doing it again soon!

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