Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Math

"J" is working on Geometry right now in math. He needs to know the number of faces, edges and vertices of parallelograms, trapezoids, spheres and pyramids. So, to make it more interesting we tried a little hands-on learning trick I have seen in several books. I wrote the name of each shape on an index card. "J" drew a card and used marshmallows and toothpicks to construct the shapes. He did great, and had fun at the same time!

In an effor to keep "M" occupied while "J" was doing his shapes, we gave her a new sensorial activity to help with those fine motor skills. She had to transfer colored pompoms from one container to another using a pair of tongs. It took her a bit to get the hang of the tongs, but she worked at it for quite some time until she mastered it. We talked about the color of the pompoms as she moved them.


  1. Hi, I'm just finding your site and I'm sorting through the great info. I have a 20 month old that I'd love to start "tot school" with and I'm taking in every idea I can find.

    My question is, where do you get your tongs? Are they regular kitchen tongs or do you have something more kid friendly?

    Thanks so much for everything!

  2. Kristina,

    You didn't leave an email in your reply, so I hope you see this. I bought our tons from Montessori Services

    I like their tongs because they are smaller sized for little hands. I found regular kitchen tongs to be too bulky at this age, but if you could find a smaller sized pair that would work also!


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