Friday, October 25, 2013

Milk Jug Ghosts

My husband saw this idea on Facebook and picked it for the kids to do.  It takes a bit of preplanning (we had to save the milk jugs for a few weeks) but otherwise is easy to do. 

You  need a milk jug that has is washed, dried, and has the cap and all labels all removed from it.  Simply draw faces on the cartons with a sharpie marker.

Next, use an craft knife to cut a small opening on the side opposite your face.  You need it big enough to fit your light inside.  For safety reasons, we used battery operated flickering tea lights (thanks Mandie for the suggestion!) instead of candles.

You can't tell from this picture, but they do shine really well at night.  We put them out for our neighborhood Fall Festival last weekend, and will put them out again for Halloween night.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Handiwork: Halloween Pillows

The kids have been asking me for a sewing project, and we decided that Halloween pillows sounded like a fun idea.  This project was made up as we went along, but it was easy to do.

First, we decided what our pillows should look like.  The Boyscout and The Bug picked pumpkins, Miss M selected a witch hat, and I chose a mummy and Frankenstein for the adults in the house.  We took a family trip to the fabric store and selected felt to make the faces of our pillows, and fun Halloween prints for the back.

Next, we cut the felt and backing to 12 inches square.  Each child drew and then cut out (or in the case of The Bug dictated the drawing) the features.

 I had The Bug glue his face onto the pumpkin and then sewed it on for him later.

Miss M and The Boyscout, however, did the hand sewing for their pillows.

I stitched the backs onto the pillows leaving a small opening for the kids to stuff their pillows.

This took us the better part of a day, but they were so excited with their end results!

Happy Halloween!